Trailers must have solid floors, sides, and tailgates (or closable tarp) in order to be loaded with any stone products. 

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Premium Brown Hardwood- a pure hardwood product that has been triple processed for good consistency and color. Premium Color Enhanced Black- a mixture of hardwood and processed wood material to give you vibrant and long lasting color. “Bilger’s Finest”-Triple Processed Black Hardwood-Perfectly shredded hardwood mulch with coloring that will last all season.



8 Driveway Stone- approximately ¼” crushed stone

57 Driveway Stone- approximately 1” crushed stone

411 Bermstone- A mix of 57 stone and finer stone which compacts to create a great base for driveways, patios, and sidewalks

1”- 2” River Run- A Natural yet decorative round stone perfect for any landscape.

2”- 4” River Run- The same as above but larger for dry crick beds ponds or a unique alternative for ground cover.



A 100% natural product that has been broken down over several years in to dark, rich, organic matter (limited quantities).

Sand & Soils


Concrete Sand – Primarily used for leveling paver patios and sidewalks.

Top Soil – This is a good economical soil that is blended with compost and mixed with some clay.(limited quantities)

Screened Super Soil- A beautiful blend of soil, sand and compost screened.


Best of The Best Grid Iron Mix- A blend of tall fescues and hybrid Kentucky bluegrass will grow in full sun and under trees with shallow roots.


Heavy Duty Lawn Edging – Kit includes 20’ strip 4 stakes and 1 connector.

Heavy Duty Paver Edging – A 7’ strip used to contain pavers and random stone.

Landscape Fabric

Landscape Fabric
Heavy Duty Landscape Fabric- 3’ x 300’ woven fabric

Fabric Staples- used to secure fabric to soil

Down Spout Kits- For underground downspout installation. Includes 10’ flex pipe, 1 elbow, 1 connector, 1 T Fitting, and 1grate.

Fertilizer & Herbicide

Starter Tablets 12-17-17- Apply these tablets to any new planting for one year.

Our delivery rates will vary depending on the location of your residence or job site. Delivery rates start as low as $25.00 for the local Tiffin area but please call to confirm rates.

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