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Landscape Design & Build

Landscape Design & Build

A quality landscape begins with a good design. Our professional team of designers has decades of combined experience in design and installation. This imaginative, creative group has provided our customers with distinctive, yet functional landscapes that address their needs and wishes. Coupled with the skills of our talented artisans in carpentry and masonry, we have the ability to enhance your landscape with unique accents like custom designed paths, walls, patios, decks, lighting, and water elements.

Did you know that a great landscape can increase the value of your property?

Whether an extensive Master Plan or a simple On-Site Sketch, utilize our expertise to help make your dream project come to life.

BILGER’S professional design process

  • Schedule an appointment by calling 419-448-GROW(4769)
  • Meet on-site with one of our professional design staff. Share your project’s goals and any preferences you have such as plant choice, planting bed or patio location, etc.. The designer will assess the site and project to determine the scope of work required.
  • The scope of work will determine whether an on-site sketch or a master plan would be most appropriate for your project.
  • The On-Site Sketch – An On-Site Sketch is commonly done for a smaller focused area (i.e. the front of the house or around the patio). Frequently it is a project that the homeowner is not sure how to approach and needs help arriving at an attractive and functional solution. The On-Site Sketch is usually done on the spot at the time of the visit and is at no cost to the client.
  • The Master Plan – Master Plans are more appropriate for new construction or larger landscape renovation projects. They become an outdoor site plan incorporating elements such as walkways and pedestrian circulation, patios or other entertainment areas, water features, integrate grade changes, walls, planting areas, irrigation and drainage. Specific plants are identified on the plan. Our designer integrates their creativity and knowledge to reflect the needs and wishes of the client. Master Plans are usually implemented in stages–generally not all at once. Master plans typically have a fee which we will be happy to quote ahead of time.
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