Product Prices


Our delivery rates will vary depending on the location of your residence or job site. Delivery rates start as low as $25.00 for the local Tiffin area but please call to confirm rates.

Triple Brown Hardwood$48.00Cu. Yd.
Color Enhanced Black (Double)$40.00Cu. Yd.
Triple Black Hardwood$48.00Cu. Yd.
Super Soil$48.00Cu. Yd.
Soil / Stone Fill$10.00Cu. Yd.
#8 Stone-Washed$42.00Cu. Yd.
#57 Stone-Washed$42.00Cu. Yd.
#411 Berm Stone$40.00Cu. Yd.
#1 River Stone$70.00Cu. Yd.
#2 River Stone$65.00Cu. Yd.
#4 River Stone$65.00Cu. Yd.
#6 River Stone$55.00Cu. Yd.
#4 Colored River Stone$100.00Cu. Yd.
#8 River Stone (Pea Gravel)$55.00Cu. Yd.
Gray Slate Stone$249Cu. Yd.
Black Beauty Stone$350.00 per yard for remaining stock (will be discontinued)Cu. Yd.
Sand-Concrete$42.00Cu. Yd.
Sand-Beach$60.00Cu. Yd.
Grass-Seed Gridiron$4.99Per lb.
4"-11" Rocks$1.001
1-2' Rocks$20.001
1-2' Boulder$15.001
2-3' Boulder$75.001
3-4' Boulder$150.001
4' Boulder$200.001
5' +' Boulders$300.001
Heavy Duty Lawn Edging Kit$19.9920' 4 Stakes 1 Conn
Extra Stakes$0.601
Extra Coupler$0.351
Extra 90 Adapter$1.751
Landscape Fabric - 3'X300'$751 Roll
Landscape Fabric - 3'X100'$34.751 Roll
Fabric Staples$4.99Bundle of 25
Down Spout Kit Flex$2510'-Pipe, 1-Elbow, 1-Coupler, 1-Grate, 1-Tee
4" Flex Pipe$0.65Per Ft.
Round Grate Bubbler$3.501
Down Spout Adapter$5.751
T Fitting$8.001
45 Fitting$7.751
Fertilizer Tabs$0.25
Straw Bales$7.001
Straw Pellets$28.99Bag
Bilger's Lawn & Landscape